Transaction Management

Transaction Management


Realfinity Realty transaction management solution provides value/wealth creation by identifying opportunities; provide critical information and analysis to make superior operating and strategic decisions in real estate transaction management. Additionally, we provide decision support, sound financial analysis to our clients for making financial and operating decisions. Better evaluations, occupancy and output from the facilities are thus ensured; enabling our clients to have a competitive advantage over the rest.

Realfinity Realty provides macro-level customized transaction management solutions to its clients.


Transaction Management Core

  • Project Sale Management
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Technical Advisory
  • Renovation Management
  • Relocation Management


Realfinity Realty Forte

  • Continuous Efforts to Reduced Operating Costs
  • Tighter Management of Working Capital
  • Increased Focus on Operational and Financial Risk Management
  • Adaptive Forecasting Methodologies
  • Enhanced Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Emphasis on Timely Delivery


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