HR Corner

HR Corner

Realfinity Realty has a unique and admirable culture, a community of talented people.

At RR group, we are committed to provide our people with a supportive and empowering workplace.

Talent sustainability is about continuously working to develop and retain exceptional people. We are committed to invest in our employees to help them succeed. The focus is on skill development to drive the company’s growth, while creating employment opportunities in the communities we serve.


Life at RR group

We offer a work atmosphere that is harmonious and respectful.

We encourage our employees to lead healthy lives.

Employee empowerment at our organization has emancipated the employees to give suggestions, add creativity and foster a positive culture at workplace.

Regular Meets are held for employees of various departments annually to encourage team-spirit and better coordination, which in turn results in improved efficiency. Celebrations and events are held on Festivals (like- Holi, Diwali, Independence Day and Republic Day).

Training and Development of the employees is driven by the top leadership. It is emphasized that the needs of the employees are aligned with organization goals.


HR Objective

  • To initiate & institutionalize globally competitive HR practices in our organisation pursuit to become Real estate Advisory Firm of international standards and to become an employer of preferred choice;
  • To put in place relevant HRD strategies and use modern methodologies to undertake organizational renewal, identify and nurture talent, bring about marked changes in the mindset of employees at all levels so as to enhance HR Quality;
  • To create a performance-driven culture and an exciting workplace for the employees.
  • To create a pool of entrepreneurial managers and business leaders for future.
  • To inculcate a strong and effective sales and service culture across levels in the organization.
  • To create a learning organization for employees’ intellectual growth and creativity; and to re-skill the workforce to operate in digitally enabled modern core environment.
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