Retail Leasing

Retail Leasing

Realfinity Realty’s Retail Leasing Services :

Realfinity Realty is the first choice amongst the tenants and space-owners, who expets the best retail leasing services in Delhi Ncr at the reasonable rates. In our wide experience of retail leasing Advisory, we have dealt in the retail leases for both owners and tenants expertly, including the big retail property owners and many of the most prominent national and regional retailers who required excellent property for their retail business.

Our expert retail leasing consultants in Delhi Ncr have given their advisory services in countless deals, helping numerous clients in acquisition of the suitable space for retail Showroom,Shop,stores across India. Our highly qualified & experienced retail leasing Consultants can help you get the best retail space at the reasonable cost. We surpass in providing particularized consultancy services and analysis of competitors along with the future trends, guiding our clients in making the right decision as per their needs and objectives.

We at Realfinity Realty believe in best and deliver the best to all our customers.

Our team understands the value of client’s time and avoid distressing clients with useless retail spaces. Our team evaluate and select the location considering all the business prospects of clients such as competition analysis, outlet visibility, future expansion parameters, & cost analysis. After selecting the right location, our retail leasing team assists landlord negotiations, legal due diligence, contract negotiations & execution.

We take our clients smoothly through the entire process of retail property acquisition right from identifying objectives with the help of relevant market data, site selection, dealing strategy and documentation. With our retail leasing services, you will get the best possible return of your investment.





Bareshell / Fully Furnished Available in A Grade Building in Barakhamba Road

  • 2000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 150/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 4400 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 150/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 5100 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 160/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 4000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 180/- Per Sq.Ft




Bareshell / Fully Furnished Available in A Grade Building in K.G. Marg

  • 2500 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 140/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 3200 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 150/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 5500 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 150/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 6000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 160/- Per Sq.Ft.




Bareshell / Fully Furnished Available in OKHLA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE PHASE – I / II / III

  • 3000-1,00,000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 40-100/- Per Sq.Ft. (Industrial / Commercial)
  • 1200-80,000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 55-110/- Per Sq.Ft. (Industrial / Commercial)
  • 3,000 Sq.Ft.@ Rs. 85/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)




Bareshell / Fully Furnished Available in MOHAN CO-OPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE

  • 2500 – 1,00,000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 30 – 80/- Per Sq.Ft. (Industrial / Commercial)
  • 7,500 Sq.Ft.@ Rs. 80/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)
  • 1,000 Sq.Ft.@ Rs. 80/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)




Bareshell / Fully Furnished Available in NFC & JASOLA

  • 1,045 – 22,000 Sq.Ft.@ Rs. 70 – 140/- Per Sq.Ft.
  • 22,000 Sq.Ft.@ Rs. 125/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)
  • 4,000 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 115/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)
  • 3,300 Sq.Ft. @ Rs. 110/- Per Sq.Ft. (Fully Furnished)




Bareshell/ Fully Furnished in Suncity Vasant Square (Vasant Kunj)

  • 470 sq.ft. – 10,000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 140 – 170 per sq.ft.
  • 2600 sq.ft. @ Rs. 120 per sq.ft.





Bareshell / Furnished Office Space in Vasant Arcade, Vasant Kunj

  • 550 sq.ft. – 7800 sq.ft. @ Rs. 100 – 160 per sq.ft.
  • 800 sq.ft. furnished @ rs. 100 per sq.ft.
  • 7800 sq.ft. @ Rs. 160 per sq.ft.




Bareshell / Furnished Office Space in Pocket – 6 & 7 commercial complex, Opp. DPS, Vasant Kunj

  • 1050 sq.ft. – 5000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 140-180 per sq.ft.
  • 3250 sq.ft. @ Rs. 140 per sq.ft.
  • 100 sq.ft. carpet Area (Ground floor) @ Rs. 2 lac.
  • 6500 sq.ft. @ Rs. 170 (Multiple floors)




Bareshell/ Furnished office space in Presidential Business Park, Vasant Kunj

  • 5000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 150 per sq.ft.
  • 6000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 150 per sq.ft.
  • 15000 sq.ft. Fully Furnished @ Rs. 225 per sq.ft.
  • 20,000 sq.ft @ Rs. 150 per sq.ft.




Furnished/ Bareshell office space in Vasant Vihar

  • 1472 sq.ft. – 6500 @ Rs. 120 – 230
  • 1525 sq.ft. – 27500 sq.ft. @ Rs. 100 – 175
  • 500 sq.ft. – 2200 sq.ft. @ Rs. 80-110




Furnished/ Bareshell office Space in Panchshell Community Center

  • 960 sq.ft. – 4800 sq.ft. @ Rs. 90-110 per sq.ft.
  • 500 sq.ft. – 7200 sq.ft. @ Rs. 90-150





Safdarjung Enclave/ Safdarjung Development Area

  • 5000 sq.ft. fully furnished @ Rs. 120 per sq.ft.
  • 960 sq.ft. – 5400 sq.ft. @ Rs. 80 – 150
  • 800 sq.ft. – 7000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 95 – 140
  • 1443 sq.ft. – 16000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 75-100




Furnished/ Bareshell in G.K – ll Commercial Office Space

  • 1000 sq.ft. – 12000 sq.ft. @ 100 – 160






Furnished /Bareshell Office Space in Nehru Place

  • 500 sq.ft. – 25,000 sq.ft. @ Rs. 70 – 225


Retail Leasing Gurgaon

Gurgoan has recently developed as a new commercial hub for the corporate houses. The retail real estate segment of Gurgaon is experiencing an intense growth. The commercial space for retail in Gurgaon includes shops, banks, shopping malls, fashion & garment stores, restaurants, supermarkets and corporate suites and many more. Monitoring the business prospects in the area, the rents of retail properties are sky-high. Aside all this, it is worthwhile to invest in the retail space in Gurgaon.

There are several crucial factors responsible for the success of any retail business, the location of retail store, social structure of the area, target groups or target customers, their income scale, their buying patterns, availability of other brands in the area, easy accessibility of the store and last but not the least, competitive strategy.

Realfinity Realty render its clients the intensive research data and other necessary details on all the optional retail properties, helping them understand the influencing factors that can effect their businesses & over-all profits. Our qualified team spend its time in researching and advising the right course of action to the client. We guide our clients in choosing the location that fits their needs and organizational goals.

If you are looking for commercial retail space for rent in Gurgaon, use our services and get the best possible deal within your budget. We study, we understand and than present our customers with the best possible options for their retail businesses.

Our services extend to various malls such as Metropolitan Mall, City Centre Mall, Mega Mall, Grand Mall, Sahara Mall, Cyber City, Centrum Plaza, Ambience Mall and other local markets and business centers at Gurgaon.


Retail Leasing Noida

Realfinity Realty is one of the prominent retail leasing service providing company in Noida. Our team of experts work rigorously to keep themselves in tune with the information on real estate updates, property developers and market trends in and around Noida.

We relish number of satisfied clients from big retail -chain to an individual shop owner. Our team render consistent and professional services from early to final stage, providing customized solutions to each and every client as per their particular requirements. We help our clients with the complete support from legal formalities including title deed and lease documentation, making the process extremely easy for our clients.

Presently, for the success of any retail business in an extremely competitive market such as Indian market, it becomes crucial to select and set-up retail store at the right location. In Noida, there are numerous retailers already holding lavish commercial retail spaces. Hence, it is necessary for you to have a comprehensive knowledge of what a particular property has to offer before setting up a retail store or business at certain location.

At Realfinity Realty, we keep our focus on providing such a solutions that work best for our clients. Our quality services, intense knowledge and wide range of satisfied clients has made us most sought-after retail leasing advisors in the area. So, if you are looking for commercial retail space for rent in Noida, retail space on lease in Noida or a shop for rent in Noida, Realfinity Realty can offer you the best deal in market. Our team of experts will understand your need and requirements for the retail space and provide the best solution, keeping your budget in-mind.

Our services in Noida extend to various malls such as Great India Place, Center Stage Mall, Spice Mall, Shopprix Mall; local markets such as sector 18- Atta Market, sector 29- Brahmaputra Market, markets in sector 2, 12, 48, 56, 62, 63 and many other commercial as well residential sectors.

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