Transaction Audit

Transaction Audit


Realfinity Realty’s transaction audit professionals provide real estate due diligence advisory services for its clients. We blend the financial, tax and legal elements of the transaction, capture the anticipated value, maintain that value and minimize leakage of valuable resources. Utilizing our transaction audit methodology, our clients have been able to achieve financial, technical and business advantages in the market.

At Realfinity Realty, we work relentlessly to make sure that the core elements of our clients business maintain their integrity. Our team of Realfinitians are equipped with infinite adaptability and hands-on experience of transactions and deals that has been improvised over a period of time; which helps cultivate positive ROI.

Our transaction audit solution helps clients make sure that they make ideal decisions vis-à-vis strategic and financial goals of the company; efficiently and effectively.


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Transaction Audit Core

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Internal policies
  • Risk management
  • Verification
  • Event monitoring
  • Precision marketing



Realfinity Realty Forte :

  • CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis)
  • BCR (Benefit-Cost Ratio)
  • Effective Resource management
  • Goal optimizations
  • Lucid due-diligence process
  • Compliance factors


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